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Ok so if I was going to have someone present at my wedding or special event then I think id like to know a bit about them so here goes…

My name is Richie Deane although my family still insist on calling me Richard. I live in Halewood which is in South Liverpool (near the airport) with my Husband Graham and our rescued Staffordshire bull terrier Luka. I used to be an event Director at our Local parkrun in Knowsley and this is where I discovered my talent and passion for taking photos. I started off with my old Panasonic bridge camera and to be honest my first attempts were not that good. However, with some guidance from other photographers I soon learned that Auto mode was a thing of the past and over the last few years I have improved my knowledge and also upgraded my kit to top of the range Canon equipment.

I am also a runner and am finally getting my mojo back after a long period of injury and I’m loving being at the other side of the lens!. I also enjoy baking and cooking in general, long walks with the dog and holidays in the Canary Islands.

I consider myself to be approachable and friendly with a good sense of humour and I would hope that people would feel comfortable with me at their special event.

I do take pride in my work and that is how the slogan for Richie Deane Photography came to light “Photos with Heart”.

I really like and enjoy taking photos and love nothing more than trying and learning new things. I wouldn’t say I was a total professional, but I enjoy learning and nothing pleases me more than someone liking a photo I’ve taken of them!.

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